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Becoming an electrician is like becoming a doctor. You have to first do the book work then you need some hands on practice.

With ICEthe program starts with theory then advances magnetism, safety and tools, wiring methods, services, motors, inspection, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. You will not only know how, but why you are doing something a particular way. After completing the training the hands on part is like taking a walk in the park. 


With a range of electrical training courses from ICE, your electrician and electrical installer skills will be up to scratch in no time!

On the Electrical Maintenance Skills courses, candidates learn about the relevant electrical principles, the legal issues, the dangers and then go on to learn how to terminate cables, read industrial circuit diagrams, use multimeters, insulation testers, voltage testers and proving units etc. The key skill on these courses is being able to isolate three phase systems safely and perform first-line maintenance like replacing motors and sensors.

ICE courses concerned with the practical element of the training.



Basic Air Condditoner
Basic Electrical Test Equipment progress
Basic of Electrical Power System (Operation, Control and Protection)
Basics of Transmission Lines Maintenance
Cable testing and fault location
Circuit Breakers and Switchgears - Basic
Circuit Breakers and Switchgear Inspection
Construction and Maintenance of the Low Voltage Overhead Lines
Control Systems
Design and Sizing
Electric Utility SCADA Distribution Automation
Electrical & Electronics Principle
Electrical Acceptance Testing and Commissioning of Electric Equipments
Electrical and Motor Control Circuits
Electrical Distribution Technology
Electrical Drawing Basics
Electrical Drawings
Electrical Fundamental and Principle of Logout and Tag Out
Electrical Generation and Transformer
Electrical Maintenance (General)
Electrical Maintenance (Advance)
Electrical Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Electrical Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting
Generator and Electrical Systems
High Voltage Electrical Safety
HVAC Systems
Maintenance and Trouble Shooting for the Solar Power Units at Offshore
Network Operator
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Electrical Category
PLC Systems With Different Applications
Power Cable & Terminations
Power Systems Troubleshooting
Power Turbine Principals and Operation
Protection Systems
Recloser and Voltage Regulator Controller
Safety in Electrical
SIMATIC S7 Service Course I
SIMATIC S7 Service Course II
Substation (Switch Gears)
Variable Speed Drive theory of Operation, Maintenance andTrouble Shooting




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