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The benefits of business management training courses with ICE:

Business management training courses can be a real boost if you're the kind of high-potential young manager who wants to take on greater responsibility and deliver more to your company. Here are some reasons why you should head to ICE for business management training courses.

Prepare for turbulent times

Businesses today face economic, political and social turbulence. Private and public organizations are confronted with financial instability, new competitors, new operational and supply chain issues - and also new opportunities.

This is the complex reality your generation of leaders must learn to lead through. A grocery list of old business tactics won't work. Business management training courses give you better understanding of the real-world picture so you can face business challenges head-on and identify new opportunities as you move into positions of higher responsibility. Indeed, good management training programs should not only help you do better in your job now, they should prepare you for the future as well - whatever the future may be.



Get a solid footing

Business management training courses from the ICE take you further and deeper in your understanding of finance, innovation, marketing, operations and strategy. Not only do you get a solid grounding in these functions, but the best business management courses also teach you how to integrate across functions to drive business results.

Generate value for your company

Top businesses invest in young talent because they expect return on investment. Business management training courses offer you the opportunity to show that their confidence is well-placed. The best business training courses have you contribute right away through projects that apply directly to your job. Learning how to find and capitalize on new opportunities through business development training will also generate real returns for your company - and your career.



Understand people - and yourself

Real leaders know people. Business management training courses teach the dynamics of human behavior to help you be more sensitive to situations and people – and therefore more responsive as a leader. And awareness starts with self-awareness. Good management courses help you to better know yourself and understand your own leadership style.

Develop your leadership skills

Business management training courses prepare you for higher responsibility by sharpening your leadership skills so you design and execute effective strategies and lead a strong team. Look for management training courses that have you work interactively with your classmates; discuss real-life cases in depth; test, challenge and hone your leadership with leadership exercises and leadership coaching.

Be in with the best

The top business management training courses - those that truly turn young talent into confident leaders - only accept managers who are smart, driven, and talented. Managers like you! Being surrounded by talented classmates will push you to do even better. Your classmates will also become an invaluable network throughout your career.

Lifelong career development

Business management training courses are not just for people early in their career. You can set yourself onto the path of success through ongoing business education, leading to exciting business opportunities and personal development. Quality programs from top business management schools are your best starting point. It's what the world's top managers do – so invest in yourself and take only the best business management training courses.



Advanced Executive Secretarial Skills
Advanced Leadership, Build & Manage High Achievement Teams
Advanced Technical Writing Skills
Advanced Supervisory Skills
Administrative & Behavioral skills for Top Management Offices managers
Art of Protocol & Etiquette
Arts of Administrative Investigation
Balanced Scorecard - BSC
Behavioral and creativity skills for modern leader
Business Etiquette
Building high-performance teams
Certified Training Professional
Customer Service Excellence
Communication & team building skills
Corporate Leadership Development for High Achievement Teams
Communication skills and art of persuade & influence others
Creative Leadership and Art of Leading Change
Creative Methods of Problem Solving and Decisions Making
Creativity and Innovative Thinking
Creativity in Decision-Making & Transform Creative Ideas into Operational Plans
Crisis Management Strategies
Department of Public Relations and art dealing with the media
Develop public relations Managers Skills
Develop Leadership and Communication Strategies for Effective Leadership
Developing Middle Management Managers Skills
Developing policies and procedures
Developing Remarkable Presentation Skills
Development methods and continues improvement
Document Management (DMS) and Electronic Archiving
Effective communication skills
Effective leadership in high-performance organizations
Effective Time and Priorities Management
Effective Time Management
Leadership & Management Skills for New Managers and Supervisors
Leading creativity and positive thinking
Managing Conflict and Stress at work
Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines
Mini MBA Management
Modern methods of planning and follow up
Modern Supervisory Management
Motivation skills and the Art of leading others
Negotiation Skills & Strategies and Winning Deals
Organizational Change Management
Planning and follow-up strategies and assessing business results
Professional Business Writing
Problem Solving & Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving & Effective Decision Making
Presentation Skills Excellence
Self-management and Neuron Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Small Business Management
Stress Management
Successful Negotiation Skills
The art of ceremony & protocol for public and important figures
Time Management & Setting Priorities


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