Industrial Programs 

ICE industrial skills training programs are a hands-on demand-driven programs. The curriculums has been built for industrial operations professionals. We have delivered this training in manufacturing facilities. Currently, demand for our training curriculum is growing rapidly in formal education with industry to identify and deploy an effective solution to the industrial skills shortage. The programs are particularly effective in an environment where education and industry work together to address and solve the skills shortage.

Training in industry is driven by two primary objectives:

  1. deliver highly effective training that will immediately impact productivity, and
  2. deliver the training quickly and efficiently in order to get manpower back into production as soon as possible. This is the environment our curriculum was built in and designed for.




Advanced Valves Technology
Air Conditioning System, Control Systems, Code and Standard
Air-Conditioning mechanics Technician
Analytical Chemistry
Bearing Maintenance
Best Practices in Maintenance Management
Best Practices in Process Level Measurement
Boiler Water Treatment Technology
Chemical Engineering for Non-Specialists
Chemical laboratory in petroleum industry
Chemistry Basics
Compressor and Steam Turbine
Control Valves and Actuators
Corrosion and Materials
Crane Operator
Cutting Tools
Diesel Engine (Construction, Operation and Maintenance)
Driller Skills
Effective Maintenance Management
Effective Supervisor
Electrical and mechanical Maintenance Planning and Scheduling
Fluid Mechanics Calculation - Hydraulic Calculation
Fundamentals of Mechanical Maintenance
Gas Turbine Operation, Maintenance and Protection
Heat Transfer and Exchanger
HVAC System (Humidity, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
Hydraulic Circuits (Theory, Components & Practice)
Industrial Valves
Maintenance of hydraulic equipments
Maintenance of pumps and valves
Maintenance Planning, Scheduling, Auditing and Benchmarking
Mechanical Engineering Design
Mechanical Maintenance Planning and Implementation
Mobile Crane
Overhead Crane
Piping Stress Analysis
Piping System
Pneumatics System
Process Control Analog and Digital
Pump Fundamentals
Pump Operation and Maintenance
Pump Vibration Testing
Revit Structure-Model 3D Building Information Modeling
Rigging and Slinging
Root Cause analysis
Steam Trap construction, installation and maintenance
Storage Tanks (Operation, Design, Inspection and Maintenance)
Value Engineering
Valve Operation and Maintenance
Vibration Analysis and Mechanical Inspection
Vibration Analyst
Waste Treatment









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