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The success of any business depends on a number of critical factors. Finance and accounting are only part of the broad field. Whether you are a brand-new supervisor or a senior executive, you will not go far without having a command of key financial concepts. Keep your career moving forward with ICE online and onsite education and training courses. Training in accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, sales and use taxes, 1099 issues, budgeting, purchasing, wage and hour law, garnishments and finance, and accounting for nonfinancial managers is available.


Finance and accounting are the universal languages of business

ICE specializes in finance and accounting training for professionals with all levels of experience and expertise. Customer satisfaction is our most important goal. We develop a unique, personalized partnership when working with you.  ICE’s approach to training is “targeted learning.” We do not present off-the-shelf finance and accounting programs. We believe the client is best served and the employees are better trained, when the subject matter is tailored to the circumstances of the individual organization.  All of our finance and accounting programs and activities are tailored to adult learning principles appropriate for each client’s industry, situation, employees and needs.



Subject matter is tailored to the circumstances of the individual organization

Many companies provide onsite finance and accounting training, but are not there when you need follow-up. This is where ICE is truly unique. We are available to provide support after the training. All of our finance and accounting trainers are subject matter experts in their fields and have extensive hands-on experience. In addition, they are master facilitators. This rare combination of extensive finance and accounting experience and excellent training skills ensures you will receive a true learning experience.

In today’s challenging market conditions and intensely competitive landscape, being able to get your people moving in the same direction and working together as a team is critical to achieving goals.  Successful organizations recognize the need to continually develop both their employees’ and managers’ knowledge in finance and accounting. at ICE, we focus on performance. Whether your group is large or small, ICE has the right trainer and the right finance and accounting program for you and your organization.

ICE portfolio of finance short courses has been designed to cover the essential themes and issues surrounding accounting and investment. Each course provides insight into the fundamentals of the financial world, including various processes, products, markets and applicable risks involved in complex market scenarios.

Gain the knowledge, behaviors and confidence to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy with ICE financial management training programs and accounting training seminars. You and your staff will benefit from the latest financial management strategies and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your financial acumen strong and focused. Choose from the wide variety of accounting seminars and finance training courses listed below to suit you at each stage of your career.



Accounting for Non-Accountant
Accounting Fundamental and Preparing Financial statements
Accounting Information Systems
Advanced Cost Accounting
Advanced Financial Accounting
Anti-Money laundering
Audit Methods and Financial Inspecting Using Computer
Auditing Operations Expenses
Basic Accounting
Budgeting & Cost Control
Budgeting for Decision Making
Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning
Cash Flow Analysis
Cash Flow Management
Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
Cost Management
Cost Reduction Techniques
Effective Management of Accounting Departments
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Finance Internal Auditing
Financial Accounting & Reporting
Financial Analysis and its uses in Rationalizing Decisions and Maximize Profitability
Financial Analysis Skills
Financial Auditing in Governmental Bodies
Financial Planning and Budgeting
General Finance & Accounting Skills
Government Final Accounts
Government Financial Analysis
Government Financial Reports
Governmental Accounting Applications Using Computers
How to Implement Cost Control in Food & Beverage Section
How to Prepare Financial Reports




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